Property Rentals… An Industry of It’s Own

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DSC_0270 That is how we have labeled the rental market, and that is how we address it with our unique service. RentProv Realty is a powerhouse of knowledge and expertise which has allowed us to form the leading property rental agency in the Providence. All of our agents have special training and backgrounds enabling them to service local landlords as well as fulfill the needs of larger property management companies. Our company unlike any other is operated and managed by a staff who have always focused predominantly on the rental market. Here at RentProv Realty we have first hand knowledge of the residential and commercial rental market as well as numerous other facets of real estate. This contributes to reaching the fulfillment of each client’s immediate and future goals in respect to their investment.

We have set standards for each of our agents and employees to maintain excellence in optimization of results. All of our agents are professionals with a greatly instilled work & business ethic. We strive to maintain a well-rounded team that possesses a diverse business background. Each team member has experience in different aspects of real estate in different geographical locations at all levels. As an upwardly moving company we strive to implement new ideas, technology, and approaches in order to continue to reach our clients goals in a constantly changing market.

red door 2-1It comes as a great asset to our clientele that we have always maintained our focus predominantly in the property rental field. Over time we have polished our skills and acquired in-depth market knowledge. Besides our ability to screen potential tenants and uphold a standard of verification and approval of our applicants, we go much deeper. RentProv Realty prides itself on being able to identify target markets, receive the highest return on investments, and quantify results with as low of a vacancy rate possible. Furthermore it is our vocation to work closely with the timelines of contractors and investors alike to pre-lease their properties in the pre-construction phases to secure the best possible outcome. In preparation for multifamily homes being resold, we take into account the bearing that acquired rental rates will have on the home appraisal report. It is our goal to make all of the above-mentioned serve as a contributing factor to favorable and profitable results.

It would be our great pleasure to serve you as professionals in our industry… property rentals.


  • Apartments
  • Condominiums
  • Section 8
  • Luxury
  • Commercial
  • Lofts & Commercial/Residential Developments

  • Single Family Homes
  • Student Housing
  • Affordable Living
  • New Construction & Renovations
  • Waterfront Properties
  • Partial Leasing of Multi-Family Homes in Conjunction With Preparation of Resale

– Rhode Island

– South Eastern & Nearby Massachusetts